Ford will equip the plug-in hybrids from Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom with a geofencing module from autumn 2020. This enables automatic switchover to electrical operation.

Ford offers the Transit Custom delivery van and the Tourneo Custom for passenger transportation as plug-in hybrids. With the electrified drive, the vehicles can drive locally emission-free even in inner city environmental zones.

The manufacturer will support this from autumn 2020 with the standard installation of a geofencing module. Positioning via GPS detects entry into an urban environmental zone. If the traction battery is sufficiently charged, the vehicle then automatically switches to electric driving mode without the driver having to activate it.

Retrofitting is also possible

Customers can also define their own areas in which the geofencing module should trigger the activation of the E mode. For example, kindergartens, schools or other areas can always be passed electrically and thus locally emission-free.

The electrical journeys within a geofencing zone are stored in the vehicle. If authorities request information about the driving mode within an environmental zone to check entry restrictions, this could be transmitted in encrypted form.

Not only new vehicles will be equipped by Ford from autumn 2020. Transit and Tourneo custom plug-in hybrids that have already been delivered can also be retrofitted.