by car to the hotel

By car to the hotel room – a Frankfurt hotel is now offering this service. Guests can drive their car directly in front of the hotel room onto the associated terrace.

The b’mine hotel at Frankfurt Airport in the Gateway Gardens district has a special offer for its guests. Visitors can use a special elevator to drive their car directly in front of the hotel room onto the associated terrace. “The idea is that I have my car right here with me,” says hotel manager Andreas Spitzner. The concept already exists in Berlin in a residential building and has now been transferred to a hotel.

The response is great, because such a room offers several advantages. On the one hand, there is the issue of safety: the car enthusiast always has his vehicle in view through the large glass pane of his hotel room. On the other hand, heavy luggage does not have to be lugged through the entire building, says Andreas Spitzner. “And if, as a guest, I don’t want to have any contact with other people, I don’t have to walk to reception or through the hotel.” You can check in using the hotel’s app and have your access data for the lift sent directly to your smartphone. This then only stops at the room’s own loggia.

Is that still up to date?

But is such a hotel still up-to-date in times of traffic change? “I always like to compare cars to horses. They were originally a means of mass transport and when they were slowly phased out, the hobby began,” says mobility expert Andreas Knie from the Berlin Science Center for Social Research. Such construction activities are very suitable for “car kissers”. Although the number of passenger cars in Germany would continue to rise, Andreas Knie does not see a great future for them in the long term. “The credits are rolling for the cars as we know them today.”

Hotel manager Andreas Spitzner, on the other hand, says: “I think that in the age of mobility, the car is indispensable.” Of course, modern and sustainable concepts are needed. In his house in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt Airport, 40 of the 241 hotel rooms have a so-called car loft. They are all equipped with an e-charging station. “All cars are welcome in our car lofts,” says the hotel manager. From the Tesla with gullwing doors to the Polo, everything was there in the first few weeks. The concept seems to be working. It is planned to open a second house with car lofts in Düsseldorf this year.