Chevrolet Bolt EV

Chevrolet has slashed prices on the 2023 Bolt EV electric hatchback and its crossover Bolt EUV. Now, these are some of the cheapest new electric cars in the US, starting at $26,595. However, this news is unlikely to please buyers of Bolt 2022 model year, who paid at least 31,500 dollars (1.9 million rubles) for an electric car. They Chevrolet offers compensation in the amount of 6,000 dollars (370 thousand rubles), but on one condition: they will not make a claim even in the event of a battery fire.

Buyers of the 2022 Bolt can apply for compensation on the Chevrolet website. In the course of filling out, they are offered to accept a number of conditions, one of which involves giving up the opportunity to sue General Motors if something goes wrong with an electric car. It is specifically noted that the owner will not be able to make a claim in case of problems with the battery. And that’s an important note for Bolt, which comes with costly recalls due to flammable batteries.

A Chevrolet spokesperson confirmed that the agreement prohibits filing both personal and class action lawsuits. According to him, this is a “common practice” in the calculation of such compensation. However, the manufacturer does not absolve itself of responsibility in the event of recall campaigns that will affect all problem cars – even if their owners agreed to accept the money.