France allows cars to be refilled with old deep-frying oil

At the first stage, some organizations will be able to use alternative fuel

French TV channel BFMTV reported that the French authorities have allowed the use of used deep-frying oil as an alternative to automotive fuel. Earlier, a similar initiative was made by the local Green Party. In their opinion, vegetable raw materials will be an excellent replacement for diesel fuel. The new type of fuel was allowed to be used in vehicles of corporate organizations and members of the automotive community. However, in the future the program may be extended to private car owners.

Earlier, French senators rejected the initiative of the “green” party, which has long been trying to get permission to use vegetable oil as an alternative to traditional fuel. During the next hearings, the authorities considered that the level of pollution from cars remains quite high. At the same time, experiments with used oil after deep-frying showed that the situation can be corrected.

Vegetable oil can really replace diesel. By reducing its viscosity, you can completely eliminate the classic fuel. In addition, when vegetable oil is mixed with diesel fuel, the design of the engines will not need to be changed. At the first stage, the use of new fuel was allowed on the territory of corporate parks. In the future, the Greens plan to achieve the widespread use of vegetable oil in vehicle engines.

In early June, Russian bloggers checked whether the Zhiguli engine could run on whiskey. For the experiment, enthusiasts used a bottle of alcoholic beverage.