e-car batteries

The batteries of laptops and smartphones often give up after just a few months – this is a headache for potential e-car buyers.

The durability of e-car batteries worries many drivers in Germany. In a survey conducted by the magazine “kfz-betrieb”, around 80 percent described themselves as skeptical when it came to the service life of the electricity storage system.

When asked about the durability, 21 percent of the participants estimate it at five to six years, twelve percent expect three to four years, eleven percent one to two years. Only seven percent predict the seven to eight years promised in most manufacturer guarantees, ten percent assume a longer period. A total of 39 percent do not dare to make an assessment at all.

Even if the term “durability” is a bit vague, the majority of those surveyed probably underestimated the lifespan of batteries. Most manufacturers promise a remaining capacity of 80 percent after seven years. A car with a factory range of 300 kilometers would then travel another 240 kilometers.